An Important Message To Our Customers:

At ARBORMETRICS, we’re proud to be responsible and engaged citizens of the communities we serve in Canada and the United States. And together, we all find ourselves in an extraordinary situation with COVID-19. This pandemic is affecting all of our employees, partners, customers, and families—and our very way of life in North America. As an essential business and one focused on helping keep power delivery consistent and safe, we are continuing operations in compliance with local, state/provincial, and federal mandates—and in support of our mission and focus.

Reliable power is important every day. But in our current environment, where businesses are closed, many employees are working from home, and schools are conducting online learning, the uninterrupted flow of power has never been more important. And, we’re doing our part to help North America thrive under these unique and evolving circumstances. But whatever comes, our people remain our power, and we will continue to act with their safety, security, and stability as our top priority.

Please [Click Here] for additional information on our US pandemic plan.

Please [Click Here] for additional information on our CA pandemic plan.

Be safe and well,

Bob Richens
Vice President, ArborMetrics Solutions LLC (US)
Vice President, ArborMetrics Solutions ULC (Canada)

Our Mission To improve the effectiveness of vegetation management through safe, efficient planning, scheduling and reporting services.

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