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it defines who we are.

ARBORMETRICS specializes in combining the power and expertise of our people, software and hardware into mobile workforce solutions that streamline your vegetation management program.


Our proven expertise, our carefully selected workforce and our proprietary ARBORLINE technology, can help you achieve your program goals safely and efficiently.

Arborline®  Software

ARBORLINE is a utility application from ARBORMETRICS, designed by arborists for arborists. ARBORLINE takes the guesswork out of vegetation management.


As a service provider, we are acutely aware that our people are our greatest asset and the service they consistently deliver is how we earn your business.


We only hire and invest in the best and we draw on the diversity and expertise of our work force to help every single person achieve their full potential.

OUR PEOPLE are the reason ARBORMETRICS® stands out in the field.

From exceeding safety standards to industry experts in project
management, we are solely focused on your success.




An ARBORMETRICS employee in Ohio received a compliment, “I wanted to call in to commend this young man”. She said he was personable, kind, and it was clear that he knew what you were talking about and loved his job.

An ARBORMETRICS employee in Texas earned kudos from a large American energy company representative for his handling of a customer complaint. He showed excellent client relations by not overrating and having the customer. His planning and teamwork made the job successful.

An ARBORMETRICS employee in Ohio received compliments from a supervisor at a large American energy company for his superior performance in identifying an imminent threat. The supervisor said “He’s great observation skills and questioning attitude prevented an outage. He is a great team member!”

An ARBORMETRICS employee in Pennsylvania received compliments from a landowner in Uniontown, PA for her professionalism in the field. She has also been an integral part of the AMS team in helping turn industry contacts onto ARBORMETRICS.

An ARBORMETRICS employee in Alabama received compliments from a landowner that was upset. The landowner commented on the team member’s calm demeanor during the situation. The utility also mentioned how she provides excellent customer service every day.

The Team in NW Indiana received the following kudos from a customer: “Just wanted to say THANK YOU for working with us on a recent issue we had with our trees after a utility trim. Your team was so nice to work with, professional and accommodating. We are really happy with the work and appreciate you very much.”

A Team member with the ARBORMETRICS IT Team received a nice compliment from a happy customer; “After talking with him about the loss of this critical tool he took on the challenge to evaluate the possibilities of creating a way to measure utilizing ArborLine. He later let us know he believed he could make it happen, after a few tweaks we now have a top notch, best we ever had tool for measuring conductors. Again, we want to pass on our appreciation to Him and his Team for finding ways to help us perform our jobs more efficiently.”

An ARBORMETRICS employee received a special thank you from a customer in Florida, they stated “if all the [Production Lead’s] were as supportive as you, things would be a lot easier on [their] end.”

An ARBORMETRICS employee received recognition from a Project Manager of a large energy company in Florida for catching an issue that could have become a major issue. “He did all the right things and contacted our environmental department to work on the resolution. Can’t say enough about the engagement and bias for action!!”

An ARBORMETRICS employee in West Virginia received the following commendation “She has seamlessly coordinated resources, accurately provided location information, and been incredibly easy to communicate with. In general, she has made the process smooth and efficient.”

Two ARBORMETRICS team members were thanked for their participation in the WVU Field Day. The supervisor over the event had this to say “They both contributed to the day in various ways and gave their own talk at the end, explaining what they do. We always look forward to their participation.”

An ARBORMETRICS employee received a commendation for his role in satisfying a utility’s customer complaint in Florida. The customer stated that “Not only was he efficient, collegial and professional, he went over and above expected to remediate the issue.”

An ARBORMETRICS Project lead – was recognized by a customer for his hard work, dedication, and leadership shown developing a new tracking system for them.

It’s Safety First at ARBORMETRICS – No One GETS Hurt!

Safety comes first at ARBORMETRICS for our employees and at all our client sites.

With that in mind ARBORMETRICS takes great pride in our training program. We believe that a successful employee is developed by:


  • Hiring the right person
  • Providing structured training tools
  • Providing consistent messaging
  • Testing for competency
  • Frequent QC inspections and review
  • Follow-up guidance
  • Review

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Our Mission To improve the effectiveness of vegetation management through safe, efficient planning, scheduling and reporting services.

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