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Training & Safety

It’s Safety First at ARBORMETRICS – No One GETS Hurt!

Safety comes first at ARBORMETRICS for our employees and at all our client sites.

With that in mind ARBORMETRICS takes great pride in our training program. We believe that a successful employee is developed by:

  • Hiring the right person
  • Providing structured training tools
  • Providing consistent messaging
  • Testing for competency
  • Frequent QC inspections and review
  • Follow-up guidance
  • Review

We currently manage training activities through the ACT or ARBORMETRICS Center of Training. This is a website that allows us to complete general, project specific, emergency response, wildfire response, safety, quality control and other types of training. Training that is required yearly or by project is completed prior to an employee being permitted to work. All employees go through this training method whether they are established or new to the company.

All employees are tested for competency through the course curriculum with quizzes and exams. Documentation is provided once an employee has completed the required material with a passing grade. All training records are managed and stored for reference by the Project Management Office.


ARBORMETRICS fully supports the corporate safety vision: Safety First … No One Gets Hurt … and the corporate safety policy to provide each employee with a safe place to work, free from all recognized hazards.

ARBORMETRICS Safety Principles:

  • All injuries are preventable
  • No job or activity is worth risking injury
  • Working safely is a condition of employment
  • Management is responsible for providing the environment for everyone to work safely
  • Each individual shares in the responsibility for the safety of themselves and others
  • We believe prevention of injuries is a good business practice
  • We will promote off-the-job safety for our employees
  • We will design and integrate safety into our management decisions
  • Safety is led by senior management, implemented by line management, with each level accountable to the one above and responsible for the one below

Life Saving Rules

  • Seat belts must be worn ANY time the vehicle is in motion.
  • No unqualified or unauthorized drivers may operate company vehicles.
  • Climbers and bucket operators must be 100% secured when aloft. (At AMS, we do not climb trees or operate aerial lifts, but it is important to be aware of this crucial life saving rule, when we are working around tree crews.)
  • Never enter the Tree Felling Danger Zone.
  • No part of the body, or any conductive object, may come within the Minimum Approach Distance of energized conductors.
  • Never enter the active Drop Zone under a trimmer in a tree or a bucket operator aloft.

Our Mission To improve the effectiveness of vegetation management through safe, efficient planning, scheduling and reporting services.

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