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It’s Safety First at ARBORMETRICS –

No One GETS Hurt!

Safety comes first at ARBORMETRICS for our employees and at all our client sites.

Safety is our first job and primary focus because it keeps both our employees and clients healthy and happy. At ARBORMETRICS (AMS), we take a two-pronged approach to this concern, encompassing training and culture.



Safety comes first at ARBORMetrics–for our employees, customers, visitors, and all members of the public. 

ARBORMetrics Training

To ensure our employees’ consistent safety, ARBORMETRCIS takes a proactive approach to safety training that is founded on sound employee development principles:

  • Hire the right person
  • Provide structured training tools
  • Deliver consistent messaging
  • Test for competency
  • Conduct frequent QC inspections and reviews
  • Offer follow-up guidance
  • Review and improve

Always Remember Target Zero is the continual training and development program aimed at ensuring that our workers return home safely every day. We record, track, and deliver it through the ARBORMETRICS Center of Training web site, which allows us to provide general, project-specific, emergency response, wildfire response, safety, quality control, and other types of training for both new hires and existing employees.


Safety is the foundation of the ARBORMETRICS culture, and we have established rigor around daily, weekly, and monthly actions to ensure adherence and observance. We also conduct regular safety audits through site visits, and management often works alongside the field staff to review and ensure safety compliance in real time. ARBORMETRICS has an employee-driven Joint Health and Safety Committee to foster positive and consistent communication and input between and among all members of the AMS team. Finally, AMS participates in programs and certifications from ISNetworld, Avetta, COR, OSHA, and others to ensure the levels of competency and safety performance our clients require.

Our hazard assessment process is the backbone of our safety culture and includes:

  • Formal Hazard Assessment–reviewed annually throughout the company
  • Job Hazard Analysis/Job Safety Analysis–reviewed annually throughout the company
  • Weekly Safety Calls
  • Daily Job Briefs
  • Daily Staff Work Plans

Our Mission To improve the effectiveness of vegetation management through safe, efficient planning, scheduling and reporting services.

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